- WordPress Developer – Hire A PRO! -

I have been working as a wordpress developer for as long as the platform has been popular! That means I know all of the ins and outs of WordPress and can help your site be the best it could possibly be.

I offer the following services as a wordpress developer:

What is WordPress?

653166773dc88127bd3afe0b6dfe5ea7WordPress is a popular and powerful content management and blogging tool that is easy to install and use, making it easy for you to update and change your website. If you really want people to pay attention to your website or blog, it should have an appealing design and look professional…and that is where I come in!

Benefits of Using WordPress as a CMS

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There are two options when it comes to wordpress themes. You can provide me with an artist file (PSD, JPG or other) with the design you wish to have, or I can design your site for you according to your needs.
If you are providing your own design…

  1. A PSD (with JPG screenshot) of the design
  2. A detailed outline of the contents of the website

If you need the design created…

  1. Links to some websites that are in the style you are looking for
  2. A detailed outline of the contents of the website

From there, I will give you an estimate for the cost of the development of your template.

What I Need from You Before I can Begin Development

Hiring a wordpress developer to create your website requires the following:

  1. Access to the web server & database where the site will be located
  2. 50% of the cost of the site, paid by PayPal