Google Services


google-analyticsGoogle Analytics

Insert a code on your website from Google Analytics to track your visitors and how they’re reaching you.


google-my-businessGet ON Google MyBusiness

This is the new service by Google – formerly known as “Places” – which helps you get on the map when people search for your service in their area.

I can help you setup your Google MyBusiness page and teach you how to integrate it with the SEO on your website.


google-adsenseMonetize A website w/ Google Adsense

If you have a popular blog, why not add some advertisements to reel in some additional income?

I can setup your Google AdSense account to help you show ads on your website.


google-adwords-servicesGoogle AdWords

If you need to drive more customers to your website, one of the ways to do so is to use Google AdWords. It’s a great, inexpensive way to get your name and website out there!